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Set up and run your pickleball leagues using MyPBGames' simple-to-use, cloud-based solution

Customize Schedule

Manage league formats, team matchups, schedules and court locations

Track Statistics

View league and player statistics including games won and total points

E-Mail Updates

Send updates to organization members, league players, league substitutes, and teams

Set Security Roles

Grant access to league administrators and team captains to manage players, create lineups and enter results


MyPBGames is an official partner with DUPR Pickleball Rating

Share Results with DUPR

Send match results to DUPR with a simple push of a button. No more manual entry of matches!

Get Ratings from DUPR

Keep your player ratings up-to-date with an easy utility. The timing of rating updates is completely up to the league administrators.

Curious about DUPR? Visit www.mydupr.com

All the Tools You Need to Run Your Pickleball League

Register Players

Register new and existing players for upcoming leagues. Pay in advance using Stripe.

Manage Leagues

Set up and manage team and ladder leagues with a flexible number of players and courts.

Build Events

Put together custom schedule for each league including events with and without matches. End-of-Season party anyone?

Set Up Match Formats

Define the matches for each event using rating and/or gender to make it simple for captains to add lineups.

Generate Matchups

Add teams, events and locations and click one button to generate the league schedule. Easily add new matchups if the schedule changes.

Member Management

Enroll users from a spreadsheet, from another league, from a registration or individually. Update their role at the team, league and organization level.

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Affordable and Easy to Use

Discover affordable, monthly pricing options that provide clubs with access to multiple leagues, communication features, unlimited email support and so much more!

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